Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I had a wonderful trip to end this journey.  Went back to Venice, Bologna, Florence, Dublin, Galway, and Rome! Wow a lot to see and many pictures were taken. I will be posting them once I am home in AMERICA!

Today is my last day in Bologna, and I can’t help but feel so blessed.  I am full of mixed emotions.  I am nervous and anxious to go back to my normal life. I have made memories here that will stay with me forever.  The best part about living abroad solo is that these memories are mine and only mine.  I am just sitting here soaking in the Italian scenery and can’t help but cry. 

These are some things I will miss about Italy the most…

- My students who have been some of my closest friends over here.  Will miss you all!
- The food that has officially ruined my future pasta and pizza dishes as home
- The delicious wine from all different regions of Italy
- The carefree lifestyle.  Italy appreciates the small things in life and has a more relaxed way of enjoying their day-to-day activities
- The art, history, and of course AMAZING buildings
- The ability to travel to nearby cities by a short train ride
- Looking at the old men in their nice outfits walking slowly down the street
- The live music being played by locals 7 days a week
- Aurelio and Laura- such good people
- The fresh produce at local markets on every corner
- The biggest thing I am going to miss is the freedom.  I have this at home as well, but it is different knowing no one knows where you are or what you are doing every single day. No phone calls, no lunch dates, no set work schedule, just me.

Here are some things I am most looking forward to coming home to…
Not in any particular order

- Drying machines
- A big bed
- Free water at restaurants
- Variety of food
- Target/ Starbucks
- My robe
- My car/driving (not riding the bus)
- Oscar Meyer
- Garbage disposals
- Not living out of a suitcase
- Clean sidewalks with no poop!
- SPORTS! I get to be home for Superbowl!!! AHHHHH GO KAP!!
- People obeying lines and waiting their turn
- Getting drunk as a woman and not being judged. Bring on the Bud Light!
- Regular toilets everywhere instead of a hole in the ground, although I have perfected my balancing skills :)
- More Gentlemen! Americans- please always open doors for women.  It makes them smile.   
- Speaking ENGLISH!!!
- TV shows/ Movie theatre movies in English
- Jergens lotion
- Guaranteed hot showers 
- Easy phone plans
- Going back to school
- Less dramatic people
- Less mean old people (I guess they are everywhere but still)

I am in love with my life and thank god everyday for what he has given me. I can’t wait to be on American ground and get down and pray.

Beware: I may be a little emotional when I come home so if you see me cry the first time I see a 7-11 or Verizon don’t be scared.  I will just be so happy!

My goal for writing these blogs has been for my family and friends to know I am safe and see a little bit of my adventure.  I have readers from all around the world weirdly enough…sorry for writing with such horrific grammar, but happy you have followed Little Sister in Little Italy.  My goal has now changed to encourage people out there of all ages to go travel and have an adventure of their own. There is a big world out there and if you work hard enough you to can have memories just like me.  Also I know this may sound dangerous, but I urge each and every one of you to travel sometime alone.  I know many of you want your friends and spouses there with you, but it is a whole new experience being confident in being with only you and a suitcase.  Traveling is not IMPOSSIBLE! Financially you can make it work, I promise, I did it.

Thank you for my family and friends for the endless support.  Thank you Jessi and Shawn for coming to see my life over here.  Thank you Aurelio for allowing me to live here with you.  Thank you mom and B for letting your baby girl go abroad even though I KNOW it killed you. And especially thank you to the people who doubted me and thought I was crazy to do this on my own.  Because of you, I pushed even further to stay here when I thought there was no more hope.

Thank you God for being my main partner in this journey. I could not have been able to learn and teach without you. You have given me this wonderful life and I can’t wait to start my next adventure at home.  Bring on the blind dates! This single Italian girl is ready to meet an American boy!




  1. yayay! we were just talking about you last night! im so excited for you to come home and party it up with me in n. nevada! youve had such an amazing experience! so happy for you!

  2. Come home to me! Ti Amo!
    Amore, Mamma!